International competition

Rémi Durin (B)

After graduating with a Master's in Animation from La Cambre in Brussels, Rémi Durin associated with three other filmmaking colleagues from the same school to create Enclume. Starting as an artists' collective, Enclume turned into an animation studio in 2013, with productions like Le Parfum de la carotte (2013) and La Licorne (2016).

Rémi Durin has been teaching at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Namur, since 2009.

Annette Schindler (CH)

Annette Schindler has made a name for herself as a director, initiator and co-founder of several Swiss and international institutions and festivals. She is currently the General Director of the Fantoche international animation festival in Baden.

Through these different activities, she has developed a wide network of contacts in the artistic and animation world.

Graham Annable (USA)

Graham Annabla studied Animation at the Sheridan College in Toronto, and has recently co-directed The Boxtrolls with Anthony Stacchi. Before that, he worked for Chuck Jones, Nickelodeon and Walt Disney Productions and spent ten years at LucasArts. He started at LAIKA to work on the storyboards for Coraline and Paranorman. He also created the Grickle series of comic books, which have been adapted into animated shorts for YouTube.

National competition

Christine Polis (B)

Graduated from ENSAV-La Cambre in Brussels, Christine Polis has been working in European stop-motion animation on such films as My Life as a Courgette, A Town Called Panic, Sunday Drive and The Sinners, as animator, props master, set designer, rigger and particularly in puppet making and maintenance.

She is currently working with the crew looking after the puppets for Wes Anderson's next feature.

Ligia Soare (Ro)

Ligia Soare has been working in the world of festivals as programme planner and coordinator for the past ten years. She is part of the founding team of Anim’Est, the Bucharest International Animation Film Festival, along with spending her time promoting Rumanian short films on the European market.

She also works with cultural organizations, producers and distributors translating films and screenplays.

Jeroen Jaspaert (B)

Jeroen Jaspaert studied 2D Animation at the Media and Design Academy in Genk and at Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London, city where he has been working since 2001. After making a number of commercials, he went on to fiction in 2012, with the series internationally successful Bing and the short Stick Man. He is persuing his career as director and screenwriter, notably working at Magic Light Pictures.

Press Award

Thierry Van Wayenbergh (BE)

Thierry Van Wayenbergh fell in love with the 7th Art when he was very young and played truant to spend his time and learn his trade from the cinema screens. He became editor for the Fiches Belges du Cinéma in1995 and worked at the Animation Cultural Centre. He then started writing freelance for the magazine (Télé)Moustique, and followed on to become film critic for the film and TV pages.

Ive Stevenheydens (BE)

Ive Stevenheydens is a curator, writer and art critic. His research, publications and projects focus on visual arts, sound/ music and performance. He is currently curator at Argos, Centre for Art and Media, Brussels (www.argosarts.org). He publishes on a regular basis for Metropolis M, ArchiNed and Bruzz.

Johannes De Breuker (BE)

Johannes De Breuker is an independent film critic who writes articles and essays about the cinema for different magazines and websites. He is a member of the editorial board of the cultural magazine rekto:verso that looks at the world through the arts and culture. He studied linguistics and literature and deepened his cinematic knowledge with training in film and visual culture.