Guest list

Graham Annable - (from 28 February to 05 March 2017)


Graham Annabla studied Animation at the Sheridan College in Toronto, and has recently co-directed The Boxtrolls with Anthony Stacchi. Before that, he worked for Chuck Jones, Nickelodeon and Walt Disney Productions and spent ten years at LucasArts. He started at LAIKA to work on the storyboards for Coraline and Paranorman. He also created the Grickle series of comic books, which have been adapted into animated shorts for YouTube.

Didier Brunner - (from 04 to 05 March 2017)


After a PhD in the Historyof Art and a period as a filmmaker, Didier Brunner changed to producing in 1987 by creating Trans Europe Films, followed, in 1994 by Les Armateurs, whose productions include Kirikou and the Sorceress, The Triplets of Belleville, The Secret of Kells, Ernest & Celestine and Allez raconte. He sold his shares in Les Armateurs in 2014 and created Folivari that is producing the Ernest & Celestine TV series and two feature projects.

Ivan Cappiello - (from 27 February to 01 March 2017)


Starting out as a cartoonist, colourist and illustrator, Ivan Cappiello turned to 3D CGI and created the series Manara Love Pills in 2005. He co-wrote and directed the CGI on the feature Il Piccolo Sansereno - Il Mistero dell'Uovo di Virgilio before directing the animation and CGI on The Art of Happiness for Mad Film. He has co-written and is co-director on Cinderella the Cat.

Jericca Cleland - (from 26 February to 06 March 2017)

Animator - Director of Photography - Director

After developing her skills at Pixar on such films as Finding Nemo, Jericca Cleland is now with Nørlum studios in Denmark. As well as writing, directing and creative supervision on productions, she also worked on the features Arthur Christmas (Sony / Aardman) and Ballerina and is at ease in any media from TV and film, 2D or 3D animation, shorts or features and live action.

Arthur De Pins - (from 03 to 05 March 2017)

Cartoonist - Director

After studying animation at the Ensad in Paris, Arthur de Pins made the shorts Géraldine and The Crab Revolution as well as working on TV series and commercials and creating the Péchés Mignons, La Marche du crabe and Zombillenium graphic novels. He is also an illustrator for commercials and sexy books. He has recently adapted his Zombillenium graphic novels into a feature film, working as co-director with Alexis Ducord since 2013.

Donato Di Carlo - (from 28 February to 03 March 2017)

Producer - Director

Donato Di Carlo is a filmmaker, animator and head of post-production. He made a number of shorts and commercials before co-founding the Dadomani studio, which has since gone on to make a name for itself in the field of stop motion in Italy.

He continues to hone his skills with different courses in animation, illustration and the language of images. He is also a self-taught musician.

Rémi Durin - (from 24 February to 05 March 2017)

Producer - Jury - Director

After graduating with a Master's in Animation from La Cambre in Brussels, Rémi Durin associated with three other filmmaking colleagues from the same school to create Enclume. Starting as an artists' collective, Enclume turned into an animation studio in 2013, with productions like Le Parfum de la carotte (2013) and La Licorne (2016).

Rémi Durin has been teaching at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in Namur, since 2009.

Dominique Frot - (from 24 to 25 February 2017)
Patrick Imbert - (from 04 to 05 March 2017)

Animator - Director

Graduate of CFT Gobelins, Patrick Imbert became an illustrator and animator on such feature films as Corto in Siberia. Since 2007, he's been working as animation supervisor and director on features like Ernest & Celestine and April and the Extraordinary World. He joined

Folivari where he co-directed three TV specials with Benjamin Renner adapted from Renner's graphic novel The Big Bad Fox.

Kaspar Jancis - (from 01 to 03 March 2017)

Animator - Director

Kaspar Jancis is a rocker and illustrator born in Tallin in 1975. Piano is already his 8th short film and he is currently working on his first feature, Morten and the Ship of Fools, set for release in 2017. A few years back, he enjoyed inventing stories for children acted out with puppets and inspired by Lewis Carrol, Wes Anderson, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Henry Selick.

Jeroen Jaspaert - (from 02 to 06 March 2017)

Animator - Jury - Director

Jeroen Jaspaert studied 2D Animation at the Media and Design Academy in Genk and at Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London, city where he has been working since 2001. After making a number of commercials, he went on to fiction in 2012, with the series internationally successful Bing and the short Stick Man. He is persuing his career as director and screenwriter, notably working at Magic Light Pictures.

Jean-François Laguionie - (from 24 to 28 February 2017)

Animator - Director

After studying drawing and the theatre, Jean-François Laguionie created his first films at Paul Grimault's studio from 1964 to1972. In 1984, he founded his own studio La Fabrique, which he co-directed till 2000. He has made 9 short films, including The Lady and the Cellist (Annecy Festival Grand Prix, 1964) and Rowing Across the Atlantic (Palme d'Or and César winner) and 4 feature films, including the multi-award-winning The Painting (2011).

Sébastien Laudenbach - (from 01 to 05 March 2017)


Sébastien Laudenbach is an illustrator and animation filmmaker with already seven short films to his name including Journal, Des Câlins dans les cuisines and Vasco, both shortlisted for a César. He hand drew and directed his feature The Girl Without Hands completely alone. He has been teaching at EnsAD since 2001 and also creates film and festival posters and trailers.

Anik Le Ray - (from 25 to 28 February 2017)


Collaboratrice de Jean-François Laguionie depuis de nombreuses années et co-scénariste de L’Ile de Black Mor, elle est à l’origine d’histoires et scénarios pour l’animation.

Parmi ses références : « Le Tableau » « Kérity, la maison des contes » … des spéciaux TV en sélection au Cartoon d’Or ou primés à Annecy et dans des festivals internationaux.

Un cadeau pour Sélim - L’oiseau Do - Le Petit Wang - L’Ange-Tirelire - Alpha-Beta...

Elle est par ailleurs directrice d’écriture.

Chiara Magri - (from 28 February to 03 March 2017)


Chiara Magri started out in animation as part of ASIFA. She has prepared programmes and exhibitions for Turin’s Modern Art gallery, taught the history of animation, written for specialist publications (Storia del cinema d'animazione, Gianni Rondolino) and is regularly a member of international juries. She has coordinated the animation department of the experimental centre in Turin since 2002.

Roger Mainwood - (from 03 to 05 March 2017)

Animator - Director

Roger Mainwood started out as an animator with Halas and Batchelor before joining TVCartoons where he animated on the timeless Oscar and BAFTA winning The Snowman. He followed on with a TV series of adaptations of Beatrix Potter stories such as The Tailor of Gloucester (1993) and the TV special, The Wind in the Willows (1995) for the BBC. In 2007, he was hired to adapt Raymond Briggs' Ethel & Ernest to the screen.

Taro Maki - (from 28 February to 02 March 2017)


Born in 1955 in Gifu, Maki graduated from Waseda University in 1977 and entered Tohokushinsya Film before heading to Pioneer LDC in 1990. Maki founded the production company GENCO in 1997. His principal works include Patlabor the Movie, Tenchi Muyo!, Millennium Actress, A Tree of Palm, Azumanga Daioh, Tokyo Godfathers, Honey and Clover, Nodame Cantabille, Highschool D×D, Sword Art Online and more.

Andrea Martignoni - (from 27 February to 02 March 2017)

Moderator - Musician

Musicologist and animation film historian, Andrea Martignoni has written numerous soundtracks for animated filmmakers such as Blu, Pierre Hébert and Virgilio Villoresi. He teaches at Milan University and gives masterclasses, presentations and workshops on sound in animation. He also participated in the conception of the DVD Animazioni, which promotes contemporary Italian animation and is co-organizer of the AWAS! festival in Kuala-Lumpur.

Reza Memari - (from 03 to 05 March 2017)

Director - Screenwriter

After earning a Marketing degree, Reza Memari worked for video games and later as a Film and TV Editor. His original screenplay “Richard The Stork” was nominated for Best German Animation Script at the 2009 Stuttgart International Animation Film Festival. He also co-directed and edited “Richard The Stork” and is currently working on the sequel and other feature film projects.

Mirai Mizue - (from 27 February to 05 March 2017)

Animator - Director

Born in Tokyo in 1981, Mirai Mizue has been drawing since he was 3. After studying animation at Tama Art University, he was noticed for his film Lost Utopia, in 2007. Since then, he has been working as a festival programme planner and presents his own films (Modern, 2010, Wonder, 2012) on the international circuit. He also works as an animator and illustrator in Japan, where he is a member of the Japan Animation Association (JAA).

Christine Polis - (from 24 February to 05 March 2017)

Jury - Animator

Graduated from ENSAV-La Cambre in Brussels, Christine Polis has been working in European stop-motion animation on such films as My Life as a Courgette, A Town Called Panic, Sunday Drive and The Sinners, as animator, props master, set designer, rigger and particularly in puppet making and maintenance.

She is currently working with the crew looking after the puppets for Wes Anderson's next feature.

Benjamin Renner - (from 04 to 05 March 2017)

Animator - Cartoonist - Director

After graduating in Applied Arts in cartoons at Art School in Angoulême, Benjamin Renner made his Cartoon d'Or-winning short A Mouse's Tale (2008) when he was at la Poudrière. He went on to make the feature Ernest & Celestine (César 2013, Oscar nominated in 2014) with Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier and published his graphic novel The Big Bad Fox in 2015 that he is now adapting for the screen.

Thomas Rollus - (from 24 February to 02 March 2017)

Animator - Art Director

After graduating in Digital Arts from Saint-Luc, Brussels, Thomas Rollus started out as motion designer at Brussels-based EscapeLab (BE). He was hired by Ubisoft in 2006, first as a 3D illustrator, motion designer then artistic director on Just Dance, Ghost Recon and the outstanding Child of Light.

While still working for Ubisoft in Montreal, he is now satisfying his gaming passion through his studio Polypeak.

Annette Schindler - (from 28 February to 05 March 2017)

Curator - Jury

Annette Schindler has made a name for herself as a director, initiator and co-founder of several Swiss and international institutions and festivals. She is currently the General Director of the Fantoche international animation festival in Baden.

Through these different activities, she has developed a wide network of contacts in the artistic and animation world.

Ligia Soare - (from 01 to 05 March 2017)

Jury - Curator

Ligia Soare has been working in the world of festivals as programme planner and coordinator for the past ten years. She is part of the founding team of Anim’Est, the Bucharest International Animation Film Festival, along with spending her time promoting Rumanian short films on the European market.

She also works with cultural organizations, producers and distributors translating films and screenplays.

Carlo Stella - (from 26 February to 01 March 2017)


Carlo Stella was born in 1987. After graduating from the Bocconi University in Milan, he worked in the Italian division of Walt Disney up to 2015 when he started as a producer at MAD Entertainment, the Naples-based studio, created in 2010 and winner of the best Italian studio of the year in 2014. He produced the animated feature The Art of Happiness, and is currently working on Cinderella the Cat, a screen adaptation of the famous fairy tale.

Annick Teninge - (from 01 to 03 March 2017)

Producer - Professor

Annick Teninge has been working in animation since 1990 and was assistant to the Annecy Animation Festival director in 1996. She was then director of the Animation World Network ( in the USA before joining la Poudrière in 2001 and becoming the school's director in 2005. She is a frequent jury member at festivals and also programme plans artistic events. She is a member of the Animation committee for the French Césars.

Shoji Udagawa - (from 28 February to 02 March 2017)
Virgilio Villoresi - (from 28 February to 03 March 2017)

Animator - Director

Virgilio Villoresi was born near Florence in 1970. He is a disciple of many masters and draws his influences from the work of Harry Smith, Jonas Mekas, Jack Smith and Kenneth Anger. European experimental animation, the American underground scene and avant-garde theatre are also sources of inspiration for this complex artist who now lives and works in Milan making animated short films, music videos and commercials.

Akira Yamaguchi - (from 28 to 03 February 2017)

and also...

Eugène Boitsov - Director, from 03 to 05 March 2017
Jac Clinch - Director, from 01 to 03 March 2017

Jac Clinch is a director, animator and writer. After completing a degree in Illustration Animation at Kingston University he was selected for MA Directing Animation at the National Film and Television School in 2014.

His debut animated short, The Alan Dimension, premiered at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in the Cinefondation selection, and was nominated for a BAFTA.

His work is humorous, inspired by scientific theories and his upbringing in the British countryside. He has recently written and directed his first live-action short, Chops.

Rosalba Colla - Curator, from 01 to 05 March 2017
Angela Dekker - Producer, from 04 to 05 March 2017

Angela Dekker was born in 1959. She graduated with a Master of Arts degree on Theatre Research from Amsterdam

University in 1986 and has since worked as a freelance journalist and published several literary non-fiction books.

For many years she has also been involved in the research and production for the documentaries of Schmidt & Doebele.

Daniela Dello Russo - Musician, from 28 to 03 February 2017
Franck Dion - Animator/Cartoonist/Director, from 28 February to 02 March 2017

Franck Dion, est réalisateur, auteur et illustrateur. Il a réalisé quatre courts-métrages d’animations : L’Inventaire fantôme, (2004) Monsieur Cok (2008) Edmond était un âne (2012) et Une tête disparaît (2016). Il est également l'un des fondateurs de la société Papy3d productions. Il travaille actuellement à la réalisation d'un livre (Luna MCMX) et au développement d'un documentaire dont la production commencera à l'été prochain.

Thomas Doebele - Director, from 04 to 05 March 2017

Thomas Doebele was born in Amsterdam, in 1954. After studies at the Amsterdam Film Academy, he started out as a sound recorder and also moved into filmmaking. Since 1980, he has worked with Maarten Schmidt as cameraman and has co-directed a number of documentaries focused on social subjects. From 2003 to 2007, they were chief editors for the documentary company Dokwerk/Holland Doc.

Johan Edstrom - Producer, from 24 to 27 February 2017
Jennifer Hall - Curator, from 03 to 05 March 2017
Steve Henderson - Journalist, from 03 to 05 March 2017
Christophe Houyon - Musician, from 04 to 05 March 2017
Nari Jang - Director, from 01 to 05 March 2017
Joost Jordens - Director, from 28 February to 01 March 2017

Joost Jordens is a Director / 3D artist and recent graduate from the Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU), currently working at House of Secrets in Amsterdam.

Raza Kamran - PR Manager, from 24 February to 05 March 2017
Hongkyun Kim - Curator, from 24 to 27 February 2017
Minjung Kim - Curator, from 24 to 27 February 2017
Eugene Kim - Curator, from 24 February to 02 March 2017
Michael Kreitz - Musician, from 04 to 05 March 2017
Tamas Liszka - Curator, from 01 to 05 March 2017
Cerise Lopez - Director, from 24 to 27 February 2017
Philipp Maas - Director, from 28 February to 02 March 2017

Philipp Maas is an up-and-coming Director for Animation and Virtual Reality Experiences. His animated VR short film SONAR was selected by international festivals including Sundance and Cannes. Before specializing in VR, he gathered experience working in the German CG & VFX industry on commercials and short films. In 2016, he worked as a Layout Artist on “Dear Angelica” a critically acclaimed VR Experience by Oculus Story Studio.

Felix Massie - Cartoonist/Director, from 28 February to 01 March 2017

Felix Massie is an animation filmmaker working at Nexus studios in London. His short films have been shown all over the world and his In the Air is Christopher Gray was nominated for an Oscar. He has written books for children including Terry Perkins and his Upside Down Frown (published by Frances Lincoln) and has recently ventured into VR filmmaking.

Mihai Mitrica - Curator, from 28 February to 05 March 2017
Pierre Oberkampf - Musician, from 25 to 26 February 2017
Hiroko Onoe - Curator, from 04 to 05 March 2017
Kreet Paljas - Curator, from 01 to 05 March 2017
Agnès Patron - Director, from 25 to 26 February 2017
Mari-Liis Rebane - Curator, from 02 to 05 March 2017

Mari-Liis Rebane (Tallinn, Estonia), is interested in new approaches in art that combine trans-media solutions and interaction between art, audiovisual media and technology. Her background is in animation film studies and new media arts. She has been involved with the oldest and biggest Animation Festival in Baltics, Animated Dreams from 2011 to 2015, from which the last 3 years she was in charge as the Festival Director. She is now contributing as an independent programme curator for film festivals and participates occasionally in the Estonian Film Fund financing committee as an independent animation expert.

José Miguel Ribeiro - Animator/Director, from 25 February to 01 March 2017

José Miguel Ribeiro (1966, Amadora, Portugal) is a director, illustrator and teacher. In 2000, with his 25-minute film “The Suspect”, received the Cartoon D'Or. In 2012 founds, with Ana Carina, the production film company “Praça Filmes”. In the last few years he directed the stop-motion TV series for children entitled “Home things”, the short film “Sunday Drive”,the drawing animated film “Journey To Cape Verde”and the short film “Fragments” selected to short-film competition at Locarno Film Festival 2016. At this moment he is developing the animated feature “Nayola” written by Virgílio Almeida based on the play “A caixa preta” by José Eduardo Agualusa and Mia Couto, a international co-production between Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and Angola.

Joanna Rytel - Director, from 03 to 05 March 2017
Chehwan Seo - Curator, from 24 to 27 February 2017
Erik Van Drunen - Curator, from 28 February to 03 March 2017
Jelle Van Meerendonk - Director, from 02 to 04 March 2017

In 2016 I graduated from AKV St.Joost Breda with Master of Animation. During my studies I created films that where screened in many international festivals. Around the time of making my second short film, after Erasmus semester at KASK in Ghent, I discovered the unlimited possibilities of non-realistic art. My growing interest in live drawings, human behaviour and surrounding allowed me to create untold stories, worlds. My interest is a mixture of live drawing, expressiveness and abstractionism. Moving between Netherlands and Belgium, I try to find new sources of inspiration and disseminate my art internationally.

Tünde Vollenbroek - Journalist/Curator, from 01 to 05 March 2017
Mike Von Rotz - Director, from 28 February to 01 March 2017

Mike von Rotz is a 3D artist from the Netherlands. He recently graduated from the Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU) and is currently working at House of Secrets.

Luke Youngman - Producer, from 28 February to 01 March 2017

Luke Youngman has worked in animation production for over eighteen years. Five of those were at Aardman Animations in Bristol and the last twelve have been at Nexus in London, where he is currently Executive Producer / Deputy Head of Production. From stop-frame to stereoscopic 3D CG, via hand-drawn animation and interactive websites, Luke has worked on short films, commercials, music videos and title sequences, with lots of other bits, pieces and techniques in between.