Anima also gives visitors of all ages the opportunity to discover publications (DVDs, books, merchandising, etc.) about the different aspects of current and past animation.

Gilles Moins

The boutique is open every day from 1:30 to 10:30 pm.

We also have an online store !

Cadavre exquis

Student and professional animators are invited to take part in our psychedelic cadavre exquis, which will be created live, manually and totally DIY during the Festival, next to Foyer 3, on the 1st floor. The result will be screened at the beginning of the Animated Night, then on the website.

Organized with Enclume.

Gilles Moins

Every day, next to Foyer 3 on the 1st floor.

To participate :

Cycle-in Cinema

Anima is associating with Contrat de Quartier Maelbeek to present a bike assisted outdoor screening! Twelve riders will pedal in turns to produce enough electricity to screen a selection of new animated shorts. There'll be a few extra bikes available but you could come along with your own to join in, or just watch the films. So "on yer bike, mate!".

Contrat de quartier Maelbeek

Change of address !
Maison de Quartier Malibran,
Rue de la Digue 10,
1050 Ixelles


More info:


Gilles Moins

A flourish of paint and some clever pencil lines, and abracadabra, there you are transformed into a cat, a lion or a butterfly. All our dextrous face-painters need is a few minutes with your face!

Nicolas Fong's Mandalas

Nicolas Fong

Short film and music video maker, Nicolas Fong created the poster for this year's Festival and the animated mandalas that make up the decor. He is particularly fond of this medium inspired by Buddhist meditation and playful optical games. Let yourself be inspired too!

Studio photo OUFtivi

Something completely new for the kids this year: our partner OUFtivi is offering fun and surprises every afternoon, like posing in front of a green screen to find yourself in the world of your favourite hero and TV channel.

Ground floor stage, every day from 1:30 to 7:30 pm.

The closing party

Starting at 7:00 pm, a performance from V-H-S (Visuel hors service), a collective of three passionate do-it-yourselfers, Vincent Evrard, Harold Hémon and Simon Medard, who love recycling and changing old devices and archive images and resurrecting them by creating live animations, then mixing them into a living hypnotizing kaleidoscope. They will be backed by music from Psoman.

Angélique Vecray

From 7:00 to 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm to 3:00 am - Hall.

From 16 years.

VJ and DJ sessions and concerts

Each evening, the stage on the ground floor of Flagey will be occupied by Statief trio, the Bruzz DJs, DJ COQÒ, the Japanese VJ Mirai Mizue and the Meakusma collective and the Visuel Hors Service, a group of DIY animators.

Angélique Vecray