Who's who

Doris Cleven


Doris Cleven graduated from the ISTI (Institut Superieur de Traducteurs et Interpretes) in Brussels with a degree in English-Russian translation in 1979. She then worked at the Maison des Femmes, the Fondation Travail Université and CARHOP (Centre d'archive de la vie ouvrière) before joining the Graphoui studio. She co-founded Folioscope, the organizing structure of the Anima Festival, in 1988, with Philippe Moins and has been co-director ever since. She teaches Visual Communication at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard and the history and aesthetics of animation at the ESA-Saint Luc.

Philippe Moins

Founder of the festival - Artistic consultant

After a Master’s degree in Archaeology and the History of Art from the Université libre in Brussels, Philippe Moins worked in the exhibition sector before being hired by the Brussels-based animation studio Graphoui in the 80s to look after their communications. He also founded the Festival in 1982, which he has co-directed with Doris Cleven since 1988. He has taught Visual Communication at the Haute école Albert Jacquard in Namur and now teaches the past and current history of animation at Ensav la Cambre. He was a past member of the film selection commission of the Centre du cinéma de la Communauté française and has written a number of books and articles about animation. He has written a number of books and articles about animation, and is currently spending more time developing this activity. Co-director of the Anima Festival until August 2014, Philippe now has an artistic consultant function.

Noémie Meert

Festival Press Officer

Noémie Meert graduated from the ULB in 2006 with a degree in Contemporary History. In order to improve her Dutch and broaden her knowledge in imagery she started a Master’s degree in Cultuurwetenschappen, option Film in Beeldcultuur at the VUB and graduated in 2007. During her studies she carried out an internship at the Fonds Henri Storck and also worked as a volunteer on a number of film events, including a time spent with Folioscope and the Anima Festival. Since 2005, she has looked after the volunteer team, film submissions and secretarial duties and this year is replacing her colleague Françoise Cathala as Festival Press Officer.

Dominique Seutin

Public Relations and sponsoring

Dominique Seutin is graduated in History of Contemporary Art and Film Studies from the Free University of Brussels (ULB). She began her carrer by short term contracts at the ULB, the Henri Storck Fund, or the Namur Film Festival. She also contributed to the book "Frame by frame in Wallonia and Brussels" on belgian animated films. In 2000, she started working for the Anima Festival. She is in charge of sponsoring, of the programming of the “Anima Saturdays” and of the professional days of the Festival, “Futuranima”. She is also a member of the film selection committee. Dominique Seutin collaborates with other animation films festivals, as well as comics festivals, as a guest programmer or as a jury member.

Karin Vandenrydt

After working for a few years with different production companies, Karin Vandenrydt joined Anima and Folioscope in 2000 to look after the Dutch speaking part of the Festival, the jury and sub titling. She is an animation enthusiast as well as being part of the Festival selection committee, programme planning and DVD publications. She has taken part in numerous panels, selection committees and juries since 2007 and is a member of the Belgian film control committee.

Chadi Abou Sariya

Management of Screenings / DCP Digitization

Graduated from the IAD in Multimedia Production with a specialization in SFX, Chadi Abou Sariya founded his audiovisual project Miam Miam Creative Lab in 2009 and started working with the Anima Festival. He contributed to the switchover from analogue to digital screening as well as developing the quality of the DCP digitization. He now looks after the digital preparation and screening during the Festival. Distinguished member of the "Chadivarius" duo, he also holds the record of the in-house "King of the Sushi" competition.

Darius Lecharlier

Event Technical Coordination

After a Master's in Socio-cultural Communication (IHECS) and a Master's in Performing Arts (ULB), Darius Lecharlier started out as a musician, dancer and actor and has also been looking after the technical coordination of the Festival since 2005. Indispensable member of the "Chadivarius" duo during the Festival, he gives himself the heavy responsibility of regaining the annual "Worst Pun of the Year" award.

Kevin Giraud-Yancy

Guest Relations Manager

Kévin Giraud-Yancy graduated in Cinema Analysis and Writing at the ULB (Université libre de Bruxelles). He was actively involved in the university’s cultural life: supervising the activities of the Story circle, followed by the student journal and then setting up the cinema club, Le Cinéphage, between 2014 and 2016. Here at Anima, he looks after guest relations and the school mornings, and helps the team in the management of the Festival. He has also worked on a number of different cinema projects in Belgium since 2014, as programme planner, editor or event manager.

Evelyne Robiette


Graduated in Visual and Spacial Arts from E.S.A. Saint-Luc en in 2011, Evelyne Robiette continued her training with a Master's degree in Cultural Management at the ULB and discovered the Festival during an internship in 2013. She's taken part in every Anima since then as an Assistant, looking after the film submissions, accreditations and interns.

Jean Timmerman

Technical Director

After studies in Sound at the INSAS, Jean Timmerman worked on different cultural projects before looking after the film programme planning at Botanique during the 90s. He then followed up his studies with a BA in Performing Arts at the ULB. He now teaches Film Studies at the Visual Arts Academy in Molenbeek and has developed a system of film subtitling for festivals in Belgium and abroad.

He has been Technical Director with Anima since 1992 and has helped the Festival adapt to many technical changes during that time.