Anima wants your films !

If you have just finished a film and you'd like it to be part of the Anima 2018 selection, you'll find all the information you need to submit the film below. You have up till 1st October 2017 to do so! Registration is free!

The Anima Festival accepts all animated films completed after 30/06/2016.

The Festival considers all films in the following categories (see rules and regulations):

  • professional short films
  • student or graduation films
  • short films for a young audience
  • feature films
  • feature films for a young audience
  • Belgian short films
  • "Animated Night" short films
  • Music video and commercials (out of competition)

Prizes list for 2018

How do I register my film?

The result of the selection will be announced on 7th December 2017. Directors/producers of the selected films will be notified personally. In case of selection, you will find all the technical screening format specifications here. The screening files should be sent in by 22nd December 2017.

If you have any questions about your registration, please contact Evelyne Robiette:
02/213 19 47

Postal address:
Boulevard de l’Empereur 24
1000 Bruxelles